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ABOVE: Before and 2-3 months after (final result). BELOW: the process, before and roughly a month post-procedure

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fat loss


The VIVY Fat-Loss Face Lift -- get your "V" shaped jawline back -- and see the "younger you" in the mirror again.

  • One office visit.

  • Minimal downtime.

  • Permanent Results in 7 days.

The VIVY Fat Loss Facelift is a non-surgical treatment that PERMANENTLY and safely removes unwanted fat and re-volumizes crucial areas to restore YOUR naturally more youthful face. You, only younger.

As we age, we develop hypertrophic fat along our jawline and neck that is designed to subconsciously signal the opposite sex that we are no longer a viable option.


Youthful jawlines tend to have a "V" shape. As hormones wane, so does the jawline.  Our youthful "V" starts to invert, resulting in a more square jowly jawline. This is one of the first tale tell signs of aging. You can stop it in its tracks and restore the jawline you remember -- or get the jawline you never had.

VIVY LIFT uses focused radiofrequency and/or expert injections of deoxycholate (a quick-acting, fat-dissolving change agent) to safely and effectively eliminate targeted areas of excess facial fat (buccal fat and/or  double chin) followed by expert re-volumizing in ultra-specific and strategic areas with long lasting (up to 18 months or more) jawline rebuilding and chin enhancement dermal fillers, sagging jawlines are lifted, sculpted, and restored.

  • You won't look "done" or "processed"

  • Natural looking results

People will just have a general sense that you look younger, healthier, or maybe that you've lost weight.

Miss your jawline? Never really had one? We can help.


Call today 720-565-6695 and come in for a free consultation! 


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