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Labial remodeling and / or internal vaginal tightening. STOP URINE LEAKS WITH VIVEVE® FEMININE REJUVENATION...and then there's this game changer...



  • Urinary control - laugh, sneeze, cough, run...without worrying and without pads.

  • Internal and external vaginal tightening. 

  • Improved pelvic integrity.

  • Improved sexual sensation and satisfaction for YOU and your partner.

  • 1 in 3 women has urinary incontinence and reports decreased sexual sensation. It doesn't have to be you.

  • One procedure. No downtime. No pain.

  • Guaranteed Results

VIVEVE® is a unique treatment that generates healthy collagen and a renewed feeling of sensation. If you are going through menopause, have been diagnosed with low or declining estrogen levels, have been through cancer treatments, or have experienced vaginal atrophy, pain with intercourse, urinary urgency, mild urinary incontinence or laxity associated with childbirth, you could be a GREAT candidate for VIVEVE®. 


VIVEVE® is a ONE SESSION, pain-free vaginal rejuvenation procedure with no downtime to stop urinary incontinence, significantly tighten the vagina, reinforce pelvic floor, and increase sensation and sexual satisfaction. 


  • One and done! One treatment session is typical. Treatment takes about 30 minutes. VIVEVE® goes 10 times deeper than competitors to deliver results in ONE treatment.


  • No pain. No discomfort. No Downtime. No risk.

Krave is pleased to be a VIVEVE® certified women's health clinic offering internal vaginal tightening and external labial reduction. Tightening and rejuvenation is completed in ONE office visit.


The Viveve® System is the only device in its class that is approved in nearly 50 countries to treat vaginal laxity in a single session - and is backed by randomized, placebo-controlled data.



Remember your vagina at 18? You can have that again. Check out the research...


Vaginal laxity / tightness are graded on a scale from 1 to 6, with 6 being regarded as exceptionally tight, and 1 being extremely lax. 


The average patient studied had a baseline tightness of 2.6 prior to treatment, and reached 5.3 tightness on average after one treatment -- with a registered residual tightness of 4.8 at 12 months post-procedure.





















One VIVEVE treatment provides:

  • resolution of urinary incontinence

  • reinforced pelvic floor - which is extremely important

  • exceptional vaginal tightness

  • considerably more sensitivity 

  • dramatically improved sexual response

  • renders easier and more intense orgasms

  • better lubrication

  • elimination of pain during intercourse

  • increased pleasure for both partners


Check out these quick videos about GENEVEVE by VIVEVE:



Viveve treatment is more affordable than you might think. Krave has special zero interest financing programs +++ additional insider perks for a limited time.


Call for a private one-on-one consultation today 


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