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BioStimulators & Microtox

It's all about dermal structure and crepe release.


Biostimulation and microtox, agents of change, release crepe and reinvent dermal appearance.


For biostim we use Radiesse Hyperdilute,

For Microtox we use Jeuveau and Belotero.

Together, they create magic that can take years off your dermal appearance.


Radiesse hyperdilute is a highly effective treatment that when injected superficially, acts as a collagen biostimulating agent. The Hyperdilute Radiesse technique combines the filler with saline and lidocaine, thinning the consistency and increasing the volume of product. Hyperdilute Radiesse is then injected into the desired area through a thin cannula. This treatment is an alternative to surgical intervention such as facelift or neck and décolleté lift.

Microtox is the use of superficial tox injections combined with hyaluronic acid to relax the appearance of skin, reducing crepe and pull, while rehydrating the tissue to plump and smooth the appearance.

Rosacea and melasma can also be positively impacted by microtox injections.

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